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Semi Managed VPS Hosting– Virtual Private Server Hosting

WEBITECH offers flexible and powerful Semi Managed VPS hosting all around the world in affordable rates. Cloud VPS hosting with Flexible Cloud Servers, allowing you to completely customize your hosting environment. SSD VPS hosted in our state of the art data center!
VPS hosting is a perfect option for website admins and business proprietors needing complete control over their web hosting territory alongside the adaptability and opportunity of committed assets, yet at a small amount of the cost. WebITech offering cheap semi managed VPS hosting with full root SSH access alongside the capacity to have boundless domains, install custom programming/applications, or reselling hosting.

All VPS servers (or Virtual Private Servers) likewise accompanies Apache, PHP, Perl, and MySQL pre-installed. You can pick either Parallels Plesk Panel or cPanel/WHM control board for convenience and administration of your VPS. WebITech offers the best and cheapest VPS hosting packages in the world, and is the best Semi Managed VPS hosting provider!


$ 20 Monthly
  • 04 vCPU Cores
  • 200 GB SSD Storage
  • 32 TB Data Transfer
  • 08 GB RAM
  • 01 IPv4 Address
  • Reverse DNS
  • Rs. 2,250 Setup Fee


$ 40 Monthly
  • 06 vCPU Cores
  • 400 GB SSD Storage
  • 32 TB Data Transfer
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 01 IPv4 Address
  • Reverse DNS
  • Rs. 2,250 Setup Fee


$ 80 Monthly
  • 08 vCPU Cores
  • 800 GB SSD Storage
  • 32 TB Data Transfer
  • 30 GB RAM
  • 01 IPv4 Address
  • Reverse DNS
  • Rs. 2,250 Setup Fee



$ 160 Monthly
  • 10 vCPU Cores
  • 1600 GB SSD Storage
  • 32 TB Data Transfer
  • 60 GB RAM
  • 01 IPv4 Address
  • Reverse DNS
  • Rs. 2,250 Setup Fee

Features of Semi Managed VPS Hosting

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Powered by KVM

Powerful VPS Hosting

Faster and more reliable SSD storage increases your VPS Servers' efficiency and offers a tremendous performance boost. Currently, SSD storage is available only on our Datacenters.
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SSD storage

Solid State Devices for maximum uptime and performance

Faster and more reliable SSD storage increases your VPS Servers' efficiency and offers a tremendous performance boost. Currently, SSD storage is available only on our India Datacenters.
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Easy upgrade

Scale your resources per your growing needs

Upgrade your server's resources at anytime in just a few clicks.
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Multiple Linux Distros

Choose from various operating systems

Build a familiar environment by choosing from various Linux distros like CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, and Debian.
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System Admin Support

24/7 support for your VPS Servers from the web professionals

Support forms the back bone of any hosting service, and our support is one of the best in the industry. We are available 24/7, round the year.
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Guaranteed Resources

Dedicated resources that belong only to you

Each VPS server has it own dedicated Resources for Cores, RAM and Disk
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Full Root Access

Be in charge of your virtual server with complete access and control.

No one knows your business better than you, thus we provide you full root access to customise your VPS Server to fulfill your business needs.
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Quick Provisioning

Lightning-fast virtual server setup and delivery

You can start using your server within minutes of your purchase.
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DDos Protection

Active network monitoring and IP blocking by Neustar

Minimize the risk of downtimes in the event of any DDoS attacks. Our VPS Hosting Servers are backed by Neustar’s DDoS protection service.
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Intuitive Dashboard

Easy server management with our in-house panel

Make server operations easier with our in-house panel.

Benefits of Semi Managed VPS Hosting


Improved Performance

With VPS’s dedicated server resources and easy upgrades, you can support your website’s growing traffic, eliminating performance lags and ensuring lightning fast speed.

full root access

Full Root Access

This feature lets you customize your VPS Server per your specific business requirements by installing desired software and applications with full root server access.

Enhanced Security

VPS Server Hosting lets you install firewalls and custom security software through root access, allowing you to enhance your website’s security.

instant setup

Instant Setup

Get up and running operational VPS Servers within minutes of buying them. Powered by OpenStack, our provisioning process is automated and flawless. Expect instant provisioning with our server hosting plans.

higher reliability

Higher Reliability

Our VPS Servers ensure complete server isolation, offering uninterrupted services with maximum uptime and reliability.

storage and bandwidth

Storage & Bandwidth

Get higher levels of bandwidth and advanced Solid State Drive (SSD) storage for increased VPS Server’s efficiency and boosted performance.


Advanced Support

Irrespective of your technical proficiency, VPS Hosting offers quality and accessible support services to assist you at every step of your hosting journey.

Free Migration

Experience seamless and spillage-free migrations with our c-Panel facilitated transfers. cPanel transfers are available on request, and we help you migrate from any platform and technology.

Technical Specification Of Semi Managed VPS Hosting




Free Migration

Ease of Management

CentOS 6/CentOS 7/Ubuntu 16.04/Debian 8

Choose your favorite Linux distro on VPS Server Hosting to set up a customized server environment.

Multiple locations

Global presence of servers and data centers to ensure maximum availability and operability of your websites. Get truly connected with our Linux VPS Hosting.

Private Network

Guaranteed resource isolation on self-contained servers that can be configured and utilized autonomously.

Top-notch network built with Tier 1 ISPs

Leverage our Tier 1 ISPs backed network and experience high-class reliability and speed on our Virtual Private Servers.

SSD Storage

Meet the future of the web with our flash-memory-powered SSD VPS. With lightning-fast speed and instant scalability, our SSD VPS Hosting will make downtimes and latency a thing of the past.

Tier IV Data Center

You will never have to worry about your data with our sophisticated Tier IV Data Center around to take care of your backups. We provide greater data redundancy and seamless failovers to ensure 99.99% uptime for your websites.

cPanel (only with CentOS 7)

Simple, quick, and instinctive VPS with cPanel to facilitate server management with few clicks. Conveniently manage your resources and website using our GUI-based cPanel with no need for any specialized technical know-how.

Plesk Onyx

Plesk Onyx offers the convenience of website hosting management using customized control panels. Plesk helps with managing accounts, views, security, subscriptions, and much more.


Manage web hosting at your fingertips by choosing our Web Host Manager (WHM). Easily migrate new hosting accounts, resell effectively, conduct server stat analysis, create cPanel accounts for clients, and customize security with WHM on VPS Servers.

Technical Support

Moving hosting providers can be an extremely difficult experience. To make sure that you do not face any difficulties while migrating to our VPS servers, our account managers assist you with cPanel transfers, on request, chat with us now.

Ease of Management

Every VPS server configuration includes the highly acclaimed ‘enhanced cPanel’ interface. It features everything you need to deliver with a powerful array of tools and options presented in a slick GUI.